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Oregon, Portland Mission


August 2015

August 25, 2015


Hello Everyone!

I’m finally in Oregon! It’s amazing out here. Even though there hasn’t been a ton of rain here all the trees are so tall and it’s so green. I’m loving it already. I got my trainer yesterday. His name is Elder Smith. He has been out a year and he’s from Eagle Mountain. He and I are getting along really well. He is willing to work hard so we should be able to do the Lords work. The only problem is we are in a brand new area in Tualatin so neither of us know anything or anyone. Ya for adventures! The good thing is we have already met a ton of members and they have been very friendly and helpful. Last night Elder Smith at I had no idea where we were going to eat dinner. We tried calling some sisters in our area to see if they could tell us of any good places to eat but they didn’t answer. So we just picked a direction and started walking. (Pretty smart right?) On the road we got sworn at by several different people. I thought it was funny and my companion said it gets even better when they start throwing beer at you. (I can’t wait for that one.) We finally made it to a burger place called Dickey Joe’s. (If you are giggling at that don’t worry, I did to.) We went in and walked up to the cashier. You know, that guy what sells burgers on tv?! (Sorry if you don’t get that joke.) It was us and two other men in the building. One of the men saw us and started walking at us. I thought I was finally about to get beer thrown at me! He walked up and put his debit card on the table and told the cashier that the elders could have whatever they want on him. It was totally a blessing from Heavenly Father. The cashier said that that was the coolest thing he had seen in a long time. We sat with the man and his son and found out that they were in the ward right next to ours. It was amazing. And so was the burger. Heavenly Father really does look our for his missionaries. I love all of you and hope you are doing well.
Elder Micah James Wilcock

August 21, 2015

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Hello everyone!!
I’m sorry that you have to start going back to school. How is it going? Just remember to always look on the bright side and to make friends and do what you love. The MTC is going great! I leave Monday morning at 3:30 A.M!!! I’m just gonna sleep in the airport for a few hours. My flight leaves at 7:30 so I’ll be calling you early in the morning. Sorry mom. I can’t wait to get up to Portland though!
So this week has been kind of crazy. We started teaching our TRC investigators and it has been so spiritual. It’s amazing to see how the Lord can touch the lives of those who need it. Both of our investigators are praying and reading the Book of Mormon. One of them has even committed to be baptized! I know that it’s all acting but it has helped me learn that it’s not me teaching these people. It’s Heavenly Father.
My companion and I are still really getting along. He is from Arizona and he is a lot like me. He has a funny side and a spiritual side. I’m so sad that we aren’t going to the same mission. I’ll miss him a lot. My whole district is amazing. We have been able to lift each other up and help each other through the good times and the bad. Everyone has such a strong testimony and it has really helped me as district leader.On a less spiritual note we had a Nerf war in our apartment the other day. Two of the elders got Nerf guns from home so we did what any guys would do and we ran around shooting each other. It was a blast.
On Sunday we were able to watch a talk that we given here by Elder Bednar. It’s called the Character of Christ. It was the most life changing talk I’ve ever heard. Elder Bednar talked about how the natural man is like the cookie monster in the sense that all we think about is ourselves. “I want cookie now!” “I want more money now!” “I want baptism now!” That’s why he’s an enemy to God. Then he talked about how the character of Christ is always looking outward. In the scriptures you never see the Savior looking inward. He is always looking out for others. If we want to be like him we must look outward too. He told the story of a woman whose daughter was in a car crash with a few other girls. She was talking to Elder Bednar when she found out that the other girls lived and her daughter died. With out a second thought she told Elder Bednar to tell the other mothers that their daughters had lived. That is the character of Christ. I know that if you are always looking out for others you will find true and ever lasting happiness. Tell Noah and Mckenna that I’m proud of them for doing that.
I miss all of you so much and I can’t wait to talk to you again in two years. Thank you all for your prayers and your letters. I love all of you!
Elder Wilcock

August 16, 2015

Micah Wilcock


Hello family and friends!! This is my first email from the MTC! Missions are AMAZING!!! I was talking to my companion earlier today and we agreed that everyone in our district is on a spiritual high right now. I feel the spirit everywhere I go. Never have I felt a more pure and Christ-like love for everyone around me. The MTC is extremely structured! You are doing something from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. It’s great mission prep. There have been a lot of great lessons so far. My favorite one so far was about how the Doctrine of Christ in 2 Nephi is the same as our Purpose as Missionaries. It was really cool to figure that out. Another one that I liked was about loving everyone. We watched videos about random people in New York City and then talked about how Heavenly Father feels about them. It was a very spiritual lesson.

  My companion is awesome! His name is Elder Patch and he really knows why he is on a mission. We have been getting along since day one. Unfortunately the computer that I’m on right now can’t send pictures but I will try to send some out next week.
Last night two of the districts in my branch met with our branch presidents. We had a big meeting about the Doctrine of Christ and talked about the “White Bible” or the missionary handbook. During the meeting each of us were taken out one by one for a quick interview. We thought it was just to get to know us but that wasn’t all. After the meeting each district got their district leader. I was made the district leader for District 31 E. At first I was a little scared of this responsibility but then I remembered how great and hard working my district is. I know that I have nothing to worry about.
I love and miss all of you so much and I hope I can hear about all that you have going on in your lives. Always remember that your Father in Heaven loves you so much and is looking out for you. I know He is looking out for me. I’ll try to send pictures next week! love you!
Elder Wilcock

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