Micah Wilcock


Hello family and friends!! This is my first email from the MTC! Missions are AMAZING!!! I was talking to my companion earlier today and we agreed that everyone in our district is on a spiritual high right now. I feel the spirit everywhere I go. Never have I felt a more pure and Christ-like love for everyone around me. The MTC is extremely structured! You are doing something from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. It’s great mission prep. There have been a lot of great lessons so far. My favorite one so far was about how the Doctrine of Christ in 2 Nephi is the same as our Purpose as Missionaries. It was really cool to figure that out. Another one that I liked was about loving everyone. We watched videos about random people in New York City and then talked about how Heavenly Father feels about them. It was a very spiritual lesson.

  My companion is awesome! His name is Elder Patch and he really knows why he is on a mission. We have been getting along since day one. Unfortunately the computer that I’m on right now can’t send pictures but I will try to send some out next week.
Last night two of the districts in my branch met with our branch presidents. We had a big meeting about the Doctrine of Christ and talked about the “White Bible” or the missionary handbook. During the meeting each of us were taken out one by one for a quick interview. We thought it was just to get to know us but that wasn’t all. After the meeting each district got their district leader. I was made the district leader for District 31 E. At first I was a little scared of this responsibility but then I remembered how great and hard working my district is. I know that I have nothing to worry about.
I love and miss all of you so much and I hope I can hear about all that you have going on in your lives. Always remember that your Father in Heaven loves you so much and is looking out for you. I know He is looking out for me. I’ll try to send pictures next week! love you!
Elder Wilcock