Hello Everyone!

I’m finally in Oregon! It’s amazing out here. Even though there hasn’t been a ton of rain here all the trees are so tall and it’s so green. I’m loving it already. I got my trainer yesterday. His name is Elder Smith. He has been out a year and he’s from Eagle Mountain. He and I are getting along really well. He is willing to work hard so we should be able to do the Lords work. The only problem is we are in a brand new area in Tualatin so neither of us know anything or anyone. Ya for adventures! The good thing is we have already met a ton of members and they have been very friendly and helpful. Last night Elder Smith at I had no idea where we were going to eat dinner. We tried calling some sisters in our area to see if they could tell us of any good places to eat but they didn’t answer. So we just picked a direction and started walking. (Pretty smart right?) On the road we got sworn at by several different people. I thought it was funny and my companion said it gets even better when they start throwing beer at you. (I can’t wait for that one.) We finally made it to a burger place called Dickey Joe’s. (If you are giggling at that don’t worry, I did to.) We went in and walked up to the cashier. You know, that guy what sells burgers on tv?! (Sorry if you don’t get that joke.) It was us and two other men in the building. One of the men saw us and started walking at us. I thought I was finally about to get beer thrown at me! He walked up and put his debit card on the table and told the cashier that the elders could have whatever they want on him. It was totally a blessing from Heavenly Father. The cashier said that that was the coolest thing he had seen in a long time. We sat with the man and his son and found out that they were in the ward right next to ours. It was amazing. And so was the burger. Heavenly Father really does look our for his missionaries. I love all of you and hope you are doing well.
Elder Micah James Wilcock