Heavenly Father Watches Over Us


What’s up everybody?! I hope that all of you are doing well! This week
has been great! I have loved all of the emails and letters that I’m
getting. Thank you so much for those.
Like I said earlier, this week has been wonderful. It turns out that
Mia moving to Alaska isn’t long term. She is moving back and she wants
to keep talking with us!! Thank you for all of the prayers that you
have said for the missionaries. I promise that they pay off.
Elder Smith and I found a new investigator this week. His name is
Brandon and he has been through a lot but he is starting to find some
peace in the gospel. I’ve been very blessed to be able to see that
change in him. We are teaching him this week so I hope that goes well.
So whenever we want WiFi for our iPads we have to go down to the
library in order to get it. The other day we were down there and they
had all this voting stuff set up. When we walked in they were on us.
For the whole time we were there they just hovered around us taking
turns asking us to vote. We weren’t sure if we could and we really
didn’t want to by the end so we kept telling them no. After a while
they changed their approach. They said that the senator who was there
would love to take a picture with us (I’m calling BS on that one),
but we did it just to get them away from us. The senator was an
interesting fellow. When we got within five feet of him the sickening
smell of coffee and alcohol filled our noses. He ended being pretty
nice but he kept asking us when we were going on our foreign missions.
We tried to explain how it all works but I don’t think he got it.
After the picture they made us fill out so much paperwork that we were
late for dinner and our lesson. The moral of the story is don’t get
distracted by man when God has work to be done.
We stopped by Daniel’s house this week. He’s the hippie I was talking
about a few weeks ago. He hasn’t read anything yet, but after we did
the all powerful and eternally binding pinkie swear he said he would
read it before this Tuesday.
Last Tuesday was our temple day and the Portland Temple is BEAUTIFUL!
I loved going! After the session Elder Smith and I were waiting for a
ride when we saw a man walk up and lower the flag to half mast. After
we asked our ride about it, we found out what happened. It was very sad
to hear that Richard G. Scott had passed away just an hour before
that. I can’t believe that we have lost three apostles just in the
last few months. They will be missed but the amazing thing about the
plan of salvation is that they are right where Heavenly Father wants
them to be. This is all part of His plan. He has a plan for each of us
and if we can follow that plan then we can find endless happiness in
the life to come.
I love you all and I’m so greatful for the support that you give me.
If you have written me a letter and I haven’t written you back I’m so
sorry but I’m working on it! I can’t wait to hear from you! Love ya!
Elder Wilcock