Man of Science / Man of Faith

Hi everybody! I hope that things are going well!
This week has been amazing! We met all of our goals this week and
almost all of our investigators are progressing! Elder Smith and I
have had to work like crazy but we can see the blessings that the Lord
has given us for our hard work!
So this week our Zone Leaders have really been trying to get everyone
to tract more. At first it was really nerve racking but it’s starting
to become easier. I have seen many miracles from tracting. I have also
had my testimony challenged more times then ever before. Some people
try to make me doubt what I know to be true by twisting my words
around and telling me things I know aren’t true. It reminds me of Alma
11 when Zeezrom and Amulek go head to head. Zeezrom keeps trying to
get Amulek to slip up but Amulek follows the spirit and says what he
Their are also a lot of people who want proof about everything. They
refuse to act on faith and they they get lost in looking for things
things that will “prove” that the Book of Mormon is true. When I talk
to these people it reminds me of an episode of Lost call Man of
Science and Man of Faith. In the episode you see the difference
between John Locke and Jack Shepherd. One is a man of science and one
is a man of faith.
As I have worked in the mission field I have found that I am a man of
faith. When I act with faith I can see the Lord blessing me and
providing for me. I’m not trying to say that science is bad, I’m just
saying that it should never overpower your testimony of the Saviors
If you are ever doubting what you believe the best advise I can give
is to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. Ask Heavenly Father
if it is His word and I promise you that He will answer you.
I love you all so much and I’m so great full for your prayers and support!
Love ya!
Elder Wilcock