Never Give Up, Never Surrender


Hi everyone! I hope that you have seen all of the blessings that the
Lord has given you this past week!
Last week had some ups and downs for Elder Smith and myself. Almost
all of our appointments fell through and we had an investigator drop
us, however, we still saw many miracles. There is an investigator whose
door we have knocked on everyday since we got here and he finally
answered the door!! And he wants to keep talking with us! It was a
We did a ton of service over the week and it was a huge blessing! A
family in our ward had a small fire in their house and it did a lot of
smoke damage. A small group of ward members and us went over and
painted their living room and hallway. It actually looked pretty good,
mostly because Brother Doty, a general contractor and one of the
coolest guys I’ve met on my mission, came and told us how to do
everything properly. Everyone was telling stories and laughing and we
had a great time while we painted.
Right after that we helped at the 12th Annual West Coast Giant Pumpkin
Regatta. So the main event is people from all over the country who grow
pumpkins that are anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 pounds and then turn
them into boats and have a big race on this man made pond. It was way
fun! They had a ton of activities for everyone to do. I got to help
with pumpkin bowling which is just what it sounds like. It was really
funny to watch the kids try to bowl with pumpkins that weighed more
then them.
Near the end of the week we had a lesson with an investigator named
Manuel. He is trying really hard to do better with his problems but he
has had some shortcomings. When we were teaching him he kept telling
us how sorry he was and he asked us a few times to never give up on
Just like how we won’t give up on Manuel, Jesus Christ will never give
up on us. In Joshua 1:5 the Lord says: “I will be with thee: I will
not fail thee, nor forsake thee.” As we strive to follow Heavenly
Father’s commandments He has promised us that He will never forget us.
It is never too late to sincerely repent.
I love you all and pray for you!
So say we all,
Elder Wilcock