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November 2015

November 23, 2015

Good Things from a Bad Situation


Hi everyone! How are you? This week has been crazy!
Elder Maloney and I are getting along great! He is a really hard
worker (probably because he grew up on a farm) and he has a great
sense of humor! I’m really excited for this transfer!
Last week was really great but really hard at the same time. Almost
none of our investigators are progressing at this point. We had to
drop Manuel’s baptismal date because he has slipped back into drinking
and he won’t stop dwelling on his past. We’re still teaching him but
it will be a while before he’s ready to make that commitment.
So because our current teaching pool isn’t progressing we have been
doing a ton of finding! Our days have been filled with tracting,
street contacting and trying to get referrals from anyone we can. It
probably sounds awful but I’m loving my mission! Everyday I feel great
because I’m showing the Lord that I’m willing to work. I’m putting in
the effort to find someone who is ready to be taught and I know that
we will find those who are ready.
So I promised myself that I wasn’t going to fill my emails with
stories of all the crazy people that I meet but this one has a happy
ending so I think I’m okay to tell it.
Elder Maloney and I went on a tracting blitz (I think that comes from
some kind of football term but I’m not sure) with the YSA elders who
live by us. I went with Elder Franklin who, by the way, is one of the
most awesome missionaries I’ve met, to a really sketchy apartment
complex that no one has knocked before. We had knocked a few doors
when we saw a tall, old, black man step out of his apartment to take a
smoke. When we walked up to him we realized it was weed but hey, the
atonement’s real so we start talking to him about our church. I don’t
think I can type the way the he spoke but I will try, he said
something along the lines of,
As we were trying to peace together what that could possibly mean he
opened the door and let us in.
When we walked in we ran into a cloud of pot and all sorts of other
drugs. Everyone in the apartment, when they saw us, quickly grabbed all
the drugs they could and ran into the back. One of the guys came out
and kicked Elder Franklin, the old man and myself out. He said it was
for our own good and I believe him.
After a long argument ranging from how many times the cock crowed to
whether or not Jesus was black the old man went inside, told us to
never even think about knocking on his door (at least I think that’s
what he said) and slammed the door in our face. As we sat there trying
to control our laughter his next door neighbor came out. He had seen
the whole thing and wanted to know why we do what we do and how we
could be so nice to such a crazy guy. We talked with him for a few
minutes and he said that we could come back and tell him more about
what we believe.
Isn’t it amazing how Heavenly Father can turn such a bad situation
into a great teaching experience? I know that God lives and that he
loves each of us and he will always bless us when we are doing our
best to be like the Savior.
I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon! Love ya!
Elder Wilcock


November 16, 2015



Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well!
Last week was great! Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday
last week! It was great! Our district went out to lunch and Elder
Smith and I pigged out on candy all night. I ate a whole thing of
Oreos! I’m a monster! But it was my birthday so I don’t even care.
The best thing that happened, though, was we found a new investigator!
We were riding our bikes and we passed a guy and we both got the
feeling to stop and talk to him. After a few minutes he said he wants
to start taking the discussions! We should be meeting with him this
week so I’ll let you know what happens!
Today is transfers and Elder Smith is leaving this afternoon and I’ll
have a new companion soon! All I know about him is that he has only
been out a transfer longer then me so it’ll be interesting!
I’m really sad to see Elder Smith go, though. We have been getting
along great and we have a ton of inside jokes and he has been a great
trainer. I think that the biggest thing that I’ve learned from him is
to say what the spirit tells you. He is really good at speaking by the
spirit and it has helped me so much in my teaching.
Manuel is struggling right now. He hasn’t come to church with us yet
and we will probably have to push his baptismal date back a few weeks.
Yesterday I was getting kind of frustrated with it all. I feel like we
have given him all the steps he needs to improve his life but he won’t
take them. As I was pondering this I thought about all the times that
I have struggled to follow God’s commandments. He gave me all this
knowledge and I’ve known it since I was little and I still struggle to
follow what he says. It was very humbling for me to realize that. I
asked God to forgive me for thinking that way and I’ve been working
even harder to help Manuel.
None of us are perfect and we shouldn’t be judging others who are
struggling. We all have places that we can improve and one of the
best ways to help ourselves is to help others.
I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon. Love ya!
Elder Wilcock

Update – Transfers were today and I have a new companion! His name is Elder Maloney and he is from Cedar City! I’ll miss Elder Smith but I think things will be good.


November 9, 2015

Pray Always


Hi everyone! I hope you have had a good week! Thank you all for the
birthday wishes! Pretty soon I’ll be old and boring!
So I don’t have a ton to report on this week but it was still a great
week. Through doing service at a place called Meals-on-Wheels, Elder
Smith and I found two new investigators! Their names are Chester and
John. Chester always talks about how he can’t decide whether he wants
to ‘party with Satan or hang with JC.’ (his words not mine) and John
said he wants to talk about the “other book” so we’ll see how it goes!
On Saturday our ward had a fall festival and part of it was a pie
contest so Elder Smith and I decided to make a pie. We found a great
recipe from a member for a chocolate pie and we slaved for an hour to
make it look and taste amazing. When we got there, we found out that
the sisters in our ward brought a pie too. We weren’t worried, though,
because our pie was incredible, or so everyone but the judges thought.
We lost big time and the sisters got third! We were pretty bummed but
we took it well. After all was said and done though we found out that
the sisters had beaten us with a STORE BOUGHT PIE!!!! And there was
much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth!!! We still know that
our pie was better.
On Facebook this past week I have seen many negative things posted
about the new additions to the handbook. I won’t lie… when I first
heard about it I didn’t know what to think so I took the question to
my Heavenly Father. I asked him to help me know that this was His
will. As soon as I ended my prayer my soul was filled with peace and
love. I knew that God had inspired His prophet and apostles to say
these things. If you are struggling to know that this is right then I
beg you to please ask our ever loving and eternally giving Heavenly
Father for peace. It will come if you ask with a sincere heart and
open mind having faith in Christ. Please don’t be afraid to ask our
loving God. He loves each of His children and He knows better then any
of us what is best for them. If we look in the scriptures we can see
that people usually don’t understand why a commandment is given at the
time it is given. Have faith in Christ. Push forward praying always. I
know that you will find peace.
I love you all so much and pray for you always!
Love ya!
Elder Wilcock

November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Hi everybody! I hope you had a great Halloween on Saturday! Elder
Smith and I went to the Halloween party for the ward next to ours with
some of the other elders and that was fun. We couldn’t be out after
dark though (I wonder why?) so we went back to our apartment and
planned for a little. Then we watched approved Christmas movies on our
DVD player because there aren’t really any approved Halloween movies.
It was definitely different then any other Halloween that I’ve had but
it was good.
This week has been really great! We met all of our goals for the week
so that felt awesome! I got a free bike from this guy that everyone
calls Bob the Bike Guy. My other bike was working OK but it was kind
of small on me and the chain kept coming off. One of the other elders
had his bike stolen last week and he found out about this guy named
Bob. Bob is a preacher for another church who loves to restore old
bikes and he loves missionaries. The other elder said that he would
see if he could get a bike for me and Bob was more then happy to get
me one for free! I’m so grateful for Bob and his Christlike service.
Elder Smith and I set our first baptismal date on Friday! Manuel wants
to be baptized on December Fourth and he is working like crazy to get
ready for it. One part of missionary life that I didn’t really think
about before I came out was watching the atonement of Jesus Christ
work in people’s life’s. It has been so rewarding and humbling for me
to see how the Savior helps each of us in whatever way we need. I am
eternally grateful for what Jesus Christ did for me. I know that as we
turn towards Him we can find forgiveness for our sins and peace in our
hardest trials. He loves each of us more then we can imagine and wants
to help us in this life.
I love you all so much and I hope to hear back from you! Love ya!
Elder Wilcock

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