Happy Halloween!

Hi everybody! I hope you had a great Halloween on Saturday! Elder
Smith and I went to the Halloween party for the ward next to ours with
some of the other elders and that was fun. We couldn’t be out after
dark though (I wonder why?) so we went back to our apartment and
planned for a little. Then we watched approved Christmas movies on our
DVD player because there aren’t really any approved Halloween movies.
It was definitely different then any other Halloween that I’ve had but
it was good.
This week has been really great! We met all of our goals for the week
so that felt awesome! I got a free bike from this guy that everyone
calls Bob the Bike Guy. My other bike was working OK but it was kind
of small on me and the chain kept coming off. One of the other elders
had his bike stolen last week and he found out about this guy named
Bob. Bob is a preacher for another church who loves to restore old
bikes and he loves missionaries. The other elder said that he would
see if he could get a bike for me and Bob was more then happy to get
me one for free! I’m so grateful for Bob and his Christlike service.
Elder Smith and I set our first baptismal date on Friday! Manuel wants
to be baptized on December Fourth and he is working like crazy to get
ready for it. One part of missionary life that I didn’t really think
about before I came out was watching the atonement of Jesus Christ
work in people’s life’s. It has been so rewarding and humbling for me
to see how the Savior helps each of us in whatever way we need. I am
eternally grateful for what Jesus Christ did for me. I know that as we
turn towards Him we can find forgiveness for our sins and peace in our
hardest trials. He loves each of us more then we can imagine and wants
to help us in this life.
I love you all so much and I hope to hear back from you! Love ya!
Elder Wilcock