Hi everyone! I hope you’re doing well!
Last week was great! Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday
last week! It was great! Our district went out to lunch and Elder
Smith and I pigged out on candy all night. I ate a whole thing of
Oreos! I’m a monster! But it was my birthday so I don’t even care.
The best thing that happened, though, was we found a new investigator!
We were riding our bikes and we passed a guy and we both got the
feeling to stop and talk to him. After a few minutes he said he wants
to start taking the discussions! We should be meeting with him this
week so I’ll let you know what happens!
Today is transfers and Elder Smith is leaving this afternoon and I’ll
have a new companion soon! All I know about him is that he has only
been out a transfer longer then me so it’ll be interesting!
I’m really sad to see Elder Smith go, though. We have been getting
along great and we have a ton of inside jokes and he has been a great
trainer. I think that the biggest thing that I’ve learned from him is
to say what the spirit tells you. He is really good at speaking by the
spirit and it has helped me so much in my teaching.
Manuel is struggling right now. He hasn’t come to church with us yet
and we will probably have to push his baptismal date back a few weeks.
Yesterday I was getting kind of frustrated with it all. I feel like we
have given him all the steps he needs to improve his life but he won’t
take them. As I was pondering this I thought about all the times that
I have struggled to follow God’s commandments. He gave me all this
knowledge and I’ve known it since I was little and I still struggle to
follow what he says. It was very humbling for me to realize that. I
asked God to forgive me for thinking that way and I’ve been working
even harder to help Manuel.
None of us are perfect and we shouldn’t be judging others who are
struggling. We all have places that we can improve and one of the
best ways to help ourselves is to help others.
I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon. Love ya!
Elder Wilcock

Update – Transfers were today and I have a new companion! His name is Elder Maloney and he is from Cedar City! I’ll miss Elder Smith but I think things will be good.