Elder Micah Wilcock

Oregon, Portland Mission


December 2015

December 28, 2015

Feliz Navidad!


Hi everyone! Merry Christmas!
I had an awesome week and the best Christmas I’ve ever had!
On Christmas Eve we had dinner with that pastor and he invited one of
his buddies from bible school to come over as well. We had a nice
conversation but I don’t think he’s gonna be reading the Book of
Mormon any time soon.
After that we went caroling with the elders from the ward next to us.
As we went around we saw this one house that had a ton of cars out
front. When we knocked this huge Hispanic family answered. Some of
them spoke English and others didn’t so they asked if we knew any
songs in Spanish. I started singing Feliz Navidad and I guess I got
the words right because when I sang the last part they all cheered!
They invited us in and gave us the best Mexican food I’ve ever had!
We had tamales and this fruit cider that was amazing. Then they gave
us some soup and it was fantastic! As we drank it the kids all started
to giggle so we knew that something had to be going on with the soup.
They told us not to freak out but our soup had chicken feet in it. We
were all like, “No way!” We looked in the bottom and sure enough, big
old chicken feet. We didn’t care though because it tasted awesome! We
got to share a little Christmas message before we left. It was great!
Christmas morning Elder Maloney and I got to open gifts and Skype our
families. That was definitely the best part of Christmas. It was great
to see my family and to hear about what they have going on! I love
them so much!
After Skyping we went to downtown Portland and fed homeless people
with a family in our ward. It was really fun and we got to do some
great service. Plus we got to see some pretty crazy people!
We had lunch with them and another family and right after that we went
to dinner. It was Christmas so don’t you dare judge me for how much I
ate! After dinner I got some good exercise though! The family we had
dinner with owns a dog kennel called Reynold’s Kennels. They had
almost a hundred dogs their and we had to go play and run with all of
them! It was so much fun! I feel like this Christmas I was able to
focus more on Christ and feel the love that he has for the people I’m
Lastly we have transfers today. I’m getting sent to the Oregon City
2nd ward! I’m really excited but I’ll miss Meridian Park a lot. Elder
Maloney will be staying in Meridian Park with two more elders! It’s
gonna be crazy! I’ll miss Elder Maloney. He has been an awesome
companion. He works really hard but he is still himself. Hopefully
we’ll meet up again. I found out that my new companion (Elder Garfield) has been out
for a transfer less then me so I’ll be senior comp! I hope that the power
doesn’t go to my head! I’m really excited to meet my new companion
though! I hear that he’s awesome!
I love you all so much and I hope you can remember the Savior during
this time of year and always. Love ya!
Elder Wilcock


December 21, 2015

That Moment When You Tract Into A Pastor!


Hi everybody! I hope things are going great!  My week was awesome! Elder Maloney and I had some great miracles happen! We had the chance to teach Lien again and she’s slowly but
surely progressing towards baptism. She’s struggling to understand why she needs to be baptized by someone with priesthood but she loves the Book of Mormon and she wants to have the gift of the Holy Ghost so we’re trying to explain that to her. She’ll hopefully be baptized at the beginning of the year!  She wanted to come to church with us on Sunday so we stopped by and she didn’t answer. As we were leaving Elder Maloney saw a man standing on the side of the road holding a bible. We went over and talked to him and he told us that we was on his way to church. We told him a little about our church and gave him a Book of Mormon. He really liked what we said and he invited us to come over and start teaching him! It was so cool because we realized that this was why we went there! I love it when that happens!
I had a chance to go with a priest to see Manuel this week. He’s getting better but he still has a long road ahead of him. He’s getting better with drinking but he has like 15 girlfriends at the moment. I really hope he doesn’t think that he can be a polygamist if he joins the church!! He’s been reading and praying everyday though so if he keeps doing that he’ll end up on the right track.
We had our mission Christmas party on Friday and it was a blast! I got to be in a skit where we turned the Christmas Carol into a story about a disobedient missionary. It was pretty funny and everyone liked the message it had. Then President Ballard and Sister Ballard talked about
how amazing we all are and how if we work hard we can see miracles in our mission. That doesn’t really do it justice but they did a great job!
Earlier in the week we were tracting and we met this really nice family who told us that we could come back later in the week. So on Saturday we went back and talked to them. After a few minutes we found out that that he’s a pastor of a very big and very anti-Mormon church… Instead of trying to bash with him or tell him he was wrong we just taught a simple version of the restoration and it actually went pretty well! He didn’t bash with us at all! We were able to have a great conversation about our beliefs and the things we have in common. He invited us over for Christmas Eve dinner so hopefully that will be good! Elder Maloney and I agreed that we’ll go over one more time and see if he’s been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.
I’ve learned on my mission that reading and praying about the Book of Mormon is really the only way people can know if what we say is true. And they have to do both. I never realized how powerful those to simple, primary answers are. I know that if anyone will read from the
pages of the Book of Mormon and really ask Heavenly Father, in the name of Christ, if what it says is true then they will gain a testimony of its truth.
I love you and I wish you a Merry Christmas!! Love ya!
Elder Wilcock

December 14, 2015

Following the Leader


Hi everybody! I hope you’re all doing fantastic!
I can honestly say that last week was the best week of my mission
which is funny because I think I’ve seen more rain in the last week
then I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s usually sprinkling up here but
last week was a downpour! People who have lived here for 20 years have
been telling us that they have never seen that much rain in a week.
For everyone who told me that it doesn’t get too cold up here I say
that you have never biked in a rainstorm for 2 hours. But like I said,
it was still the best week so far!
Elder Arnold of the Seventy and his wife came and spoke to us on
Tuesday and it changed the way I view missionary work. Sister Arnold
talked about why we have the white handbook and all the good it can do
us if we follow it. She did a really good job! Elder Arnold then broke
down missionary work. He gave us all sorts of new ways to work with
members and to find the low hanging fruit that the Lord has provided
for us. Elder Maloney and I decided that we were going to apply
everything he said and we have seen countless blessings because of it!
One of the first blessings was we were trying to find a member that we
didn’t recognize the name of. When we looked him up, LDS tools showed
us his apartment building but not the number. Elder Arnold told us
that if that ever happens you should just start tracting till you find
them. So we did! They were the second door we knocked on. They are
less-active and they invited us over for a lesson this week!
The next big blessing was when we had a lesson cancel and we didn’t
know what to do. Elder Arnold told us that if that ever happens we
need to stay in the area because the Lord sent us there to do
something. We had tracted the whole apartment complex about a week
before so we decided to do some street contacting. After about half an
hour of having no success I got the strong feeling to go back to the
apartment where the people canceled on us. I wasn’t sure why but I
followed it and when we got their we realized that we never set up a
return appointment. So we did and at that return appointment we got a
baptismal commitment from her! It was such an amazing blessing!!
The day after that we had stopped by to talk to someone and we were on our way
home in the pouring rain. We took a longer route and we weren’t really
sure why. We saw this couple walking and we smiled and waved and they
asked us if knew where the closest church was. We slammed on the
brakes and talked to them. It turns out that he’s a member who hasn’t
been to church in years but wants to come back and his girlfriend
wants to look into the church! How cool is that?! That same night we
went through a parking lot to try to get home faster when Elder
Maloney stopped at the end of the parking lot. I asked what was going
on and he said that he saw some people sitting in a truck and he felt
like he needed to talk to them. I followed him over and he just walked
up and knocked on the truck window. I think he scared the crap out of
the woman sitting on the passenger side but they rolled down the
window and talked with us. After a few minutes we gave them a Book of
Mormon and they seemed happy to read it.
Saturday night we were walking home and we heard someone scream so we
ran to see what happened. Someone’s tree had fallen down from all the
rain! We talked to the guy and told him that we would come by after
church and help. I don’t think he believed us until he saw us walk up
Sunday afternoon. It was a great service project and we got to talk to
him and his friends about the gospel.
Brothers and Sisters, I know that Heavenly Father lives and he loves us
more than we know. I know that if we do what he asks us to do, even if
it is something small, he will pour out the blessings of heaven upon
I love you all so much and I hope to hear from each of you soon! Love ya!
Elder Wilcock

December 7, 2015

Small blessings make a big difference


Hi everybody! I hope you had a great week!
This week was pretty uneventful so I don’t have a ton to write about.
Our stake did a live nativity this weekend and it was really great!
First, people would go into the chapel and listen to music while the
other rooms cleared out. Then they would go into one of the other
rooms and watch a video about the life and birth of Christ. Then they
would go into a manger that was setup outside the church with a bunch
of animals and actors. After that they went into the cultural hall
where members had set up nativity scenes and pictures of Christ. It
turned out really well! Their were a ton of non-members that came
through and everyone we talked to really liked it. It was a great way
to do missionary work!
That was the main thing that happened last week. We had a few lessons
set up but pretty much all of them canceled on us. Manuel is starting
to get better though! He has finally started to admit that he can’t do
this on his own. We are praying that we can get him to church on
Sunday. Satan is definitely working his hardest to keep Manuel from
coming to church. We know and he knows that as soon as he comes to
church he’ll get the strength he needs. He just needs to take that
first step of coming to church.
Other than that, Elder Maloney and I just did a ton of tracting and
street contacting last week. This led to some interesting stuff. Like
we said a prayer in the middle of a parking lot with a crazy homeless
guy who told us that he was Jesus Christ. It kind of freaked us out
when right before the prayer he reached out and held our hands. But he
stopped thinking that he was Jesus after the prayer so it was worth
On Sunday night we had a pretty cool blessing come to us. We were out
tracting and it was dumping rain. We had been tracting these condos
for about an hour and a half and we hadn’t had any success when we
knocked on a door and this old man answered. He was in his pajamas and
he looked pretty grumpy when he opened the door. But as we talked to
him he got a big grin on his face. He said that he was Catholic and
that wasn’t going to change but he loved that we were willing to serve
the Lord even in the rain. He told us that he had some friends that
were looking for religion and they really wanted to learn more about
the Mormon church. We immediately got out a Book of Mormon and wrote
our number in it. He said that he would give it to his friends and
have them call us. We left the house and knocked a few more doors when
we got the feeling to turn around. We looked back and the man was
standing out in the rain holding protein bars for us. He said that he
didn’t want us to get hungry while we were serving the Lord. I’m so
grateful for this man’s kindness and service.
I love you all so much and I can’t wait to hear from you! Love ya!
Elder Wilcock

November 30, 2015


Mr Bean Turkey

Hi everybody! I hope that you had an awesome Thanksgiving!
Elder Maloney and I had two Thanksgiving dinners! It was amazing!  Sure, we felt like garbage for the whole weekend and we probably gained 20 pounds but it tasted amazing! We had our first dinner with some investigators named Fred and Giavanna and their family. It was way fun and we got to talk to their son-in-law about what missionaries do.
Our next dinner was with the Peters family in our ward. The sisters came too and we played games and ate and had a great time! I’m so grateful for the Christlike love that we felt from these two families.
It was kind of hard to do missionary work last week, though. Everyone
was either out of town or busy with their families so we didn’t have a
ton of success. It was getting hard by the end of the weekend to stay
focused and on task.
This morning I was reading in Helaman 1. It talks about how the
Nephites are having problems with their government so the Lamanite
general, Coriantumr, takes his armies right into the heart of the
Nephites land and takes over. Elder Maloney and I were having trouble
being productive so Satan, being the cunning jerk face that he is,
took advantage of that and tried to get us to get off task. Their were
many times when thoughts like, ‘it’s okay to sleep in today’ or ‘no
one will want to talk right now so you should call it good for today’
would come to my mind. It would have been really easy to do those
things. But like Moronihah and Lehi in the story fought to save the
people, we fought to listen to the spirit and always keep our purpose
in our hearts. It wasn’t always easy but we saw many blessings come
from staying on task.
One of these blessings was we taught the first sit-down lesson that
we’ve had all month. We taught a woman named Maricruz and her family about the restoration. We tracted into them about a week ago and they said that we could come back. As we taught it was incredible to feel the spirit fill the room and see the family feel that what we said is
true. It’s been a while since I last taught a full lesson to an
investigator and it felt amazing. They seemed to really like what we
talked about and we are going to see them again on Thursday.
I know that this gospel is true. I know that everyone will have the
opportunity to hear and except what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all
about. I’m honored that I have the chance to be a small part of bring
souls unto Christ. I love you all and I pray that you have a good
week. Love ya!
Elder Wilcock

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