Mr Bean Turkey

Hi everybody! I hope that you had an awesome Thanksgiving!
Elder Maloney and I had two Thanksgiving dinners! It was amazing!  Sure, we felt like garbage for the whole weekend and we probably gained 20 pounds but it tasted amazing! We had our first dinner with some investigators named Fred and Giavanna and their family. It was way fun and we got to talk to their son-in-law about what missionaries do.
Our next dinner was with the Peters family in our ward. The sisters came too and we played games and ate and had a great time! I’m so grateful for the Christlike love that we felt from these two families.
It was kind of hard to do missionary work last week, though. Everyone
was either out of town or busy with their families so we didn’t have a
ton of success. It was getting hard by the end of the weekend to stay
focused and on task.
This morning I was reading in Helaman 1. It talks about how the
Nephites are having problems with their government so the Lamanite
general, Coriantumr, takes his armies right into the heart of the
Nephites land and takes over. Elder Maloney and I were having trouble
being productive so Satan, being the cunning jerk face that he is,
took advantage of that and tried to get us to get off task. Their were
many times when thoughts like, ‘it’s okay to sleep in today’ or ‘no
one will want to talk right now so you should call it good for today’
would come to my mind. It would have been really easy to do those
things. But like Moronihah and Lehi in the story fought to save the
people, we fought to listen to the spirit and always keep our purpose
in our hearts. It wasn’t always easy but we saw many blessings come
from staying on task.
One of these blessings was we taught the first sit-down lesson that
we’ve had all month. We taught a woman named Maricruz and her family about the restoration. We tracted into them about a week ago and they said that we could come back. As we taught it was incredible to feel the spirit fill the room and see the family feel that what we said is
true. It’s been a while since I last taught a full lesson to an
investigator and it felt amazing. They seemed to really like what we
talked about and we are going to see them again on Thursday.
I know that this gospel is true. I know that everyone will have the
opportunity to hear and except what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all
about. I’m honored that I have the chance to be a small part of bring
souls unto Christ. I love you all and I pray that you have a good
week. Love ya!
Elder Wilcock