Following the Leader


Hi everybody! I hope you’re all doing fantastic!
I can honestly say that last week was the best week of my mission
which is funny because I think I’ve seen more rain in the last week
then I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s usually sprinkling up here but
last week was a downpour! People who have lived here for 20 years have
been telling us that they have never seen that much rain in a week.
For everyone who told me that it doesn’t get too cold up here I say
that you have never biked in a rainstorm for 2 hours. But like I said,
it was still the best week so far!
Elder Arnold of the Seventy and his wife came and spoke to us on
Tuesday and it changed the way I view missionary work. Sister Arnold
talked about why we have the white handbook and all the good it can do
us if we follow it. She did a really good job! Elder Arnold then broke
down missionary work. He gave us all sorts of new ways to work with
members and to find the low hanging fruit that the Lord has provided
for us. Elder Maloney and I decided that we were going to apply
everything he said and we have seen countless blessings because of it!
One of the first blessings was we were trying to find a member that we
didn’t recognize the name of. When we looked him up, LDS tools showed
us his apartment building but not the number. Elder Arnold told us
that if that ever happens you should just start tracting till you find
them. So we did! They were the second door we knocked on. They are
less-active and they invited us over for a lesson this week!
The next big blessing was when we had a lesson cancel and we didn’t
know what to do. Elder Arnold told us that if that ever happens we
need to stay in the area because the Lord sent us there to do
something. We had tracted the whole apartment complex about a week
before so we decided to do some street contacting. After about half an
hour of having no success I got the strong feeling to go back to the
apartment where the people canceled on us. I wasn’t sure why but I
followed it and when we got their we realized that we never set up a
return appointment. So we did and at that return appointment we got a
baptismal commitment from her! It was such an amazing blessing!!
The day after that we had stopped by to talk to someone and we were on our way
home in the pouring rain. We took a longer route and we weren’t really
sure why. We saw this couple walking and we smiled and waved and they
asked us if knew where the closest church was. We slammed on the
brakes and talked to them. It turns out that he’s a member who hasn’t
been to church in years but wants to come back and his girlfriend
wants to look into the church! How cool is that?! That same night we
went through a parking lot to try to get home faster when Elder
Maloney stopped at the end of the parking lot. I asked what was going
on and he said that he saw some people sitting in a truck and he felt
like he needed to talk to them. I followed him over and he just walked
up and knocked on the truck window. I think he scared the crap out of
the woman sitting on the passenger side but they rolled down the
window and talked with us. After a few minutes we gave them a Book of
Mormon and they seemed happy to read it.
Saturday night we were walking home and we heard someone scream so we
ran to see what happened. Someone’s tree had fallen down from all the
rain! We talked to the guy and told him that we would come by after
church and help. I don’t think he believed us until he saw us walk up
Sunday afternoon. It was a great service project and we got to talk to
him and his friends about the gospel.
Brothers and Sisters, I know that Heavenly Father lives and he loves us
more than we know. I know that if we do what he asks us to do, even if
it is something small, he will pour out the blessings of heaven upon
I love you all so much and I hope to hear from each of you soon! Love ya!
Elder Wilcock