That Moment When You Tract Into A Pastor!


Hi everybody! I hope things are going great!  My week was awesome! Elder Maloney and I had some great miracles happen! We had the chance to teach Lien again and she’s slowly but
surely progressing towards baptism. She’s struggling to understand why she needs to be baptized by someone with priesthood but she loves the Book of Mormon and she wants to have the gift of the Holy Ghost so we’re trying to explain that to her. She’ll hopefully be baptized at the beginning of the year!  She wanted to come to church with us on Sunday so we stopped by and she didn’t answer. As we were leaving Elder Maloney saw a man standing on the side of the road holding a bible. We went over and talked to him and he told us that we was on his way to church. We told him a little about our church and gave him a Book of Mormon. He really liked what we said and he invited us to come over and start teaching him! It was so cool because we realized that this was why we went there! I love it when that happens!
I had a chance to go with a priest to see Manuel this week. He’s getting better but he still has a long road ahead of him. He’s getting better with drinking but he has like 15 girlfriends at the moment. I really hope he doesn’t think that he can be a polygamist if he joins the church!! He’s been reading and praying everyday though so if he keeps doing that he’ll end up on the right track.
We had our mission Christmas party on Friday and it was a blast! I got to be in a skit where we turned the Christmas Carol into a story about a disobedient missionary. It was pretty funny and everyone liked the message it had. Then President Ballard and Sister Ballard talked about
how amazing we all are and how if we work hard we can see miracles in our mission. That doesn’t really do it justice but they did a great job!
Earlier in the week we were tracting and we met this really nice family who told us that we could come back later in the week. So on Saturday we went back and talked to them. After a few minutes we found out that that he’s a pastor of a very big and very anti-Mormon church… Instead of trying to bash with him or tell him he was wrong we just taught a simple version of the restoration and it actually went pretty well! He didn’t bash with us at all! We were able to have a great conversation about our beliefs and the things we have in common. He invited us over for Christmas Eve dinner so hopefully that will be good! Elder Maloney and I agreed that we’ll go over one more time and see if he’s been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.
I’ve learned on my mission that reading and praying about the Book of Mormon is really the only way people can know if what we say is true. And they have to do both. I never realized how powerful those to simple, primary answers are. I know that if anyone will read from the
pages of the Book of Mormon and really ask Heavenly Father, in the name of Christ, if what it says is true then they will gain a testimony of its truth.
I love you and I wish you a Merry Christmas!! Love ya!
Elder Wilcock