Feliz Navidad!


Hi everyone! Merry Christmas!
I had an awesome week and the best Christmas I’ve ever had!
On Christmas Eve we had dinner with that pastor and he invited one of
his buddies from bible school to come over as well. We had a nice
conversation but I don’t think he’s gonna be reading the Book of
Mormon any time soon.
After that we went caroling with the elders from the ward next to us.
As we went around we saw this one house that had a ton of cars out
front. When we knocked this huge Hispanic family answered. Some of
them spoke English and others didn’t so they asked if we knew any
songs in Spanish. I started singing Feliz Navidad and I guess I got
the words right because when I sang the last part they all cheered!
They invited us in and gave us the best Mexican food I’ve ever had!
We had tamales and this fruit cider that was amazing. Then they gave
us some soup and it was fantastic! As we drank it the kids all started
to giggle so we knew that something had to be going on with the soup.
They told us not to freak out but our soup had chicken feet in it. We
were all like, “No way!” We looked in the bottom and sure enough, big
old chicken feet. We didn’t care though because it tasted awesome! We
got to share a little Christmas message before we left. It was great!
Christmas morning Elder Maloney and I got to open gifts and Skype our
families. That was definitely the best part of Christmas. It was great
to see my family and to hear about what they have going on! I love
them so much!
After Skyping we went to downtown Portland and fed homeless people
with a family in our ward. It was really fun and we got to do some
great service. Plus we got to see some pretty crazy people!
We had lunch with them and another family and right after that we went
to dinner. It was Christmas so don’t you dare judge me for how much I
ate! After dinner I got some good exercise though! The family we had
dinner with owns a dog kennel called Reynold’s Kennels. They had
almost a hundred dogs their and we had to go play and run with all of
them! It was so much fun! I feel like this Christmas I was able to
focus more on Christ and feel the love that he has for the people I’m
Lastly we have transfers today. I’m getting sent to the Oregon City
2nd ward! I’m really excited but I’ll miss Meridian Park a lot. Elder
Maloney will be staying in Meridian Park with two more elders! It’s
gonna be crazy! I’ll miss Elder Maloney. He has been an awesome
companion. He works really hard but he is still himself. Hopefully
we’ll meet up again. I found out that my new companion (Elder Garfield) has been out
for a transfer less then me so I’ll be senior comp! I hope that the power
doesn’t go to my head! I’m really excited to meet my new companion
though! I hear that he’s awesome!
I love you all so much and I hope you can remember the Savior during
this time of year and always. Love ya!
Elder Wilcock