The Power of the Sabbath


Hi everybody! I hope you had an awesome week!  Mine was fantastic! On Saturday we had a baptism! An 11 year old girl named Kalya Henderson was baptized by her grandfather. She had been meeting with the missionaries for a year before this so it was great to hear how happy all the other missionaries where. I can’t take any credit because I had only taught her once before her baptism but it was still a huge blessing to see the fruits of missionary work.
Other than that my week was pretty average. We taught a few good lessons and ran into some crazy people. A few days ago Elder Garfield and I were about to go tracting. We hadn’t had much success that day and I was really hoping to see some miracles. As we got out of the car I offered to say a prayer. I asked Heavenly Father to help us find
someone who was ready to be taught and to lead us to them. The Spirit filled the two of us and we marched up to the first door; I knocked with all the power I could and when a middle-aged man answered the door I said with all the authority I could put into my voice, “Hello, we are your missionaries from the Church of…” And without saying a word he closed the door in our faces. Elder Garfield and I had to go out in the street and laugh for a few minutes after that. Even though that first house hadn’t been the one we were hoping for we still got our prayer answered. We gave out two copies of the Book of Mormon just a few houses down.
On Sunday I figured out why my week was only OK. It was because church was cancelled last week due to the “snow”. I didn’t realize how much my week would change if I wasn’t able to go to church. Being able to partake of the sacrament was the biggest blessing I got all week! It was such a relief to hear about how other people still have struggles and hard times but that each of us are trying to overcome these problems by being like the Savior. Russell M. Nelson gave a great talk in the April 2015 General Conference call “The Sabbath is a Delight.” I don’t know if I realized it until my mission but the sabbath is a delight! We need to go to church not only to be uplifted by those around us but to be made clean by partaking the sacrament as well.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Wilcock