Can dogs hold the priesthood?


Hi everybody! I hope you’re doing well!  Things are going great in the Oregon City 2nd ward! We had another baptism! Anya O’Connell was baptized by her dad on Saturday and it was a great service! I didn’t teach her anything either but it was still nice to see the fruits of missionary work. We have two more baptisms coming up in February so I’m really excited!
On Friday Elder Garfield and I were visiting members of the ward and we stopped by the Hughes. They are an old couple in the ward who love missionaries. Brother Hughes teaches a Kung Fu class and Sister Hughes is just about bed ridden. She has had over 30 surgeries and is in constant pain, but she’s still one of the happiest people I’ve ever
met. When we went over,  Sister Hughes’ sister was their with her dog Axel. I guess that Axel usually doesn’t like strangers but he loved us! They told us that he was a Mormon dog and I thought they just meant that he liked the missionaries. Only later did I find out what they meant. After we had a lesson with them they asked if we would give Sister Hughes a blessing. Elder Garfield was offering a wonderful blessing when out of nowhere Axel jumped up on the bed she was laying in and tried to climb onto our hands!! It was so funny! I guess he really is a Mormon dog!
So Elder Garfield and I have been praying to find new investigators during the week. We’ve lost two this month and we’ll lose two next month to baptism! It’s the best way to lose an investigator but we still need people to teach! We found two potentials from stopping by former investigators and we had a huge miracle happen on Sunday! A
little girl in our ward invited her friend to come to church with her on Sunday. The girl stayed for all three hours and loved it! She loved it so much that she wants to come every Sunday! It was amazing! We thanked Heavenly Father for answering our prayers! That night we got a text from the mother of the girl who invited her friend. She said that
not only was the girl going to start coming to church, but her family of seven wanted to start coming on a regular basis!!! How cool is that?! Our prayers have totally been answered!
Not only is the story a great example of faith and prayer but it shows that anyone can be a missionary. This 10-year old girl simply asked her friend to come to church with her and it has brought mighty miracles to both families. Thomas S. Monson said, “There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save.” We should always be sharing the gospel. The Savior taught us to “love our neighbor” and what better way to show our love for them then to help them find everlasting peace? I promise that if you pray for chances to share the gospel with a “sincere heart, having
faith in Christ” you will find people who are looking for truth. That goes for full time missionaries and members.
I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!
Elder Wilcock