6 Months (Bump Day)

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Hi everybody! Hope you had a great week!  Last week was great! We got to do a lot of great things!
Earlier in the week Elder Garfield and I had some appointments cancel last minute so we went to the church to do some area book stuff. When we got there we saw that their was a blood drive going on. We decided that giving blood is a pretty good service so we did! Everything went well at first but when they went to put the needle in my vain kept moving so they had to poke me four times! That wasn’t very fun but it was good and we got a ton of free snacks!
So our car had some dents in it (I swear they were their before me) so we had to drive clear to the other side of the mission to get it fixed. We had to go a day with out it and it was then that I realized how nice a car is for big areas. It’s such a blessing! We tried to walk but it wasn’t really effective. It was so great to get it back and get back to work.
On Sunday we saw a lot of miracles. We went back to see the old man that we gave a Book of Mormon to last week and he said that he couldn’t read it because the print was too small. He doesn’t live far from us so we walked back to our apartment and got one in large print. When we came back we ran into an employee who asked for a large print bible for her mom. When we went to get that we were walking past the hospital then a man stopped us and asked us if we could give his mother a blessing. She was in a  wheelchair and could barely move. We gave her a blessing their on the sidewalk and when it was over she had a huge grin on her face! I’m so glad that I have been able to stay worthy of the priesthood so that I can be a part of things like that.
Today is transfers and Elder Garfield is leaving. I’m gonna miss him but he is an awesome missionary and he will do great things during the rest of his mission! He will still be in this zone so I’ll see him. My new companion is Elder Hewitt. He came out with
Elder Garfield so I’m still senior comp! Hahaha! I can’t believe that it has already been 6 months! I hope the rest of my mission can be this great!
I love you all and I hope that you have a great day! Love ya!
Elder Wilcock