Temple Trip

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Hey everyone! Hope your week was good!  Mine was great! Elder Hewitt and I got to teach a lesson with President Ballard on Tuesday! It was a little nerve racking at first but he was perfect for the lesson. We have an investigator named Milt and he’s struggling to commit to a firm date. I had and interview with President Ballard two weeks ago and he said that he would come with us to our next lesson with Milt. The lesson went really well. The spirit was very strong and we could tell that Milt was feeling the spirit. He still doesn’t have a date unfortunately because of a knee surgery next week but he does want to get baptized!
We were also able to find a new investigator last week! His name is Armando. He was a potential sent over by one of my former companions, Elder Maloney. We got in contact with Armando this week and he sounds like a really solid investigator. We will be teaching him later this week. I think that he will be receptive to the message.
Last Thursday I had the chance to go through the Portland Temple. It was beautiful as always and I was able to receive answers to some questions that I’ve had. To be on the earth in a time when temple ordinances are available is a huge blessing that I have taken for granted. We have a chance to draw as close to our Heavenly Father as we can on this earth if we choose to live by the sacred covenants that we make in the House of the Lord. What an amazing blessing!
In my personal studies I have been reading the words of Abinadi and Alma; two Book of Mormon prophets who come one right after the other. I have realized just how important prophets are. We need to them to keep us on the straight and narrow path that leads back to God.  A really great talk that Elder Hewitt showed me recently is called, “The Voice of the Lord is unto all People” by W. Grant Bangerter. It was given in 1979, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and it gives many reasons for why we need a prophet today. I would invite anyone who reads this to read that talk.
I have had many people try to use Matthew 7:15 against me when it comes to prophets. They say that Joseph Smith was one of the false prophets that Christ talks about in that verse but they never seem to bring up what the Redeemer says in verses 16-20. The Savior tells us that we shall know these prophets by their fruits. Look at the fruits of Joseph Smith and those who came after him. They have all served their fellow man and they bring so much light and truth into the world. That is their fruit.
I know that God calls prophets today just like in times of old. I know that Joseph Smith was the prophet of the Restoration and that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet on the earth today. If we listen to what they say we will find more joy then the things of this world could ever hope to give us.
I love you all and I hope that you can all find ways to serve the Lord.
Elder Wilcock