Bike Problems


Hi everyone! Hope your week was good!
Not a lot happened last week. Elder Hewitt and I have been working on finding new people right now so we’ve been out knocking doors! Part of the reason we weren’t able to do a lot was because our car was in the shop till Friday! It was time to pull out the bikes again! Lucky it didn’t rain that much last week so we’re were biking in nice weather. Elder Hewitt has had a car for his mission so far so he didn’t have a bike. The missionaries from the ward next to us said that they had a spare bike in their apartment that he could us. Monday night he gets the bike and we start biking to an appointment. First of all the kickstand falls off after about a quarter mile. Next his derailleur breaks and goes into his spokes. We still had about two miles to go to get to the appointment and it was already almost 9:00 so we had to cancel. As we walked the bikes back his front tire just fell off.  Right after that a van pulled over and this nice couple was willing to give us and the bikes a ride back to our apartment. It was a great act of Christlike love and we were very appreciative.
A few days later we had to bike out to the middle of nowhere to do a lesson with a recent convert. The lesson went well and on the way back the bolt that held my seat on snapped in half. I guess I’ve gained a little weight over the last three months… I ended up having to sit on my fender for the ride to the church where our next appointment was. It was funny  afterwords but in the moment it sucked! Fortunately another missionary let me borrow his seat for the rest of the time we were on bike.

All of our work paid off though because we found a new investigator who seems really awesome! His son sent our mission president a copy of the Book of Mormon with his testimony in it and we were told by our zone leaders that he can meet with us! I’m praying that he is open to the message we share!
Last week may have been a little long and a little tough at times but I am still so glad that I made the choice to serve a mission! I have learned so much in the last 7 months! Everyone has trials and tribulations but if we are able to see past the bad and look to what the Lord is trying to teach us we can grow in our firmness of the knowledge of the gospel. I only had bike problems last week! So many people out their have trials that I can’t even imagine. I testify that
the Savior is always looking out for us. He will never leave us. We should always have hope because his Atonement is ever reaching.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Wilcock