Zone Conference


Hi everyone! I hope your week was great!
Last week was pretty good! We had three people come to church on Sunday including a new investigator who is friends with one of our members! She’s nine years old and we found out from the members in our ward who know the family that the parents want to start coming to church! We will hopefully start teaching them at the member’s home!
We had Zone Conference last week and it was an amazing spiritual experience! We talked a lot about making sure that we are working hard and relying on the Lord as we do His work. As I’ve been out I’ve realized that we can not do the Lord’s work without Him. Something that I have been trying to work on is praying throughout the day. I’ve always been saying my prayers in the morning and evening but it helps me to have the spirit with me when I am continually talking to my Father in Heaven. Prayer helps me focus on what I’m doing at that moment. Like if we are out finding, I pray that I will be able to have the courage to talk to everyone or I ask to know what will help the person we are about to knock into. It also helps me remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for me and each of the people I see. I try to thank Heavenly Father for sending His Son each time I pray.  It has helped me remember the Atonement. Without that, God’s plan could not come to pass. I am so grateful for a Savior who loves me enough to die for me. I would encourage each of you to find someway this week to remember the Redeemer in everything you do. I promise that it will make you happier and you will remember that God loves you more than you know.
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Wilcock