Got Nailed!


Hi everybody! I hope you all had a fantastic week!
Elder Hewitt and I did a lot this last week! We started teaching two new people last week! They are sisters and we are helping both of them with some word of wisdom issues. They seem like they will be really great! They have a real desire to change.  A family in our ward invited their friends to church on Sunday and their whole family came! It was awesome! Five of the seven family members are over eight and we will hopefully start teaching them this week!
On Saturday we had an expert on Joseph Smith come and talk to all of the missionaries. A lot of us didn’t really like it because he kept comparing Joseph Smith to the Savior and  we all felt like you can’t really compare the two of them. It was a little uncomfortable. My favorite part of the meeting was at the end when President Ballard got up and bore his testimony of the restoration. It was a great testimony and I’m grateful to have such an amazing mission president.
After the meeting we went to do some service for a member of our ward. We had sledgehammers and we were busting up a bunch of concrete.  At one point I went to swing the sledgehammer and I felt something go through my shoe and into my foot. I thought it was a rock at first but I looked down and realized it was a nail.  I hobbled over to the steps with the help of Elder Hewitt and the guy we were helping came over and just pulled it out!  It hurt like crazy! Luckily it didn’t really bleed. I’m glad I got my shots before my mission!! It’s been healingup pretty well!
So last week was pretty good! I’m so glad that I made the choice to serve a mission! I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Wilcock