Mother’s Day, Transfers and TRAINING


Elder Palmer

Hi everybody! I hope last we was great for all of you!
My week was great! On Sunday we found out that our investigator who needs to get married has set a date to get married and baptized in August! They invited me to come back so I really hope I can make it for both of those!  Elder Hewitt and I also had the chance to go to the Visitor Center at the Portland Temple with him and his family. We found out that his wife actually was at the dedication of the temple back in 1989. The whole family loved it and, because of this, their daughter will probably start taking the lessons soon! The Visitors Center is a great place to help people feel the spirit and recognize that this is Christ’s church.
On Sunday I got the chance to Skype my family and it was awesome!! I love them all so much! It seems like all of them are doing good! I am already looking forward to seeing them on Christmas!
On Saturday, Elder Hewitt and I were waiting to hear about transfers when we heard the phone buzz. I picked it up and saw that it was President Ballard! When I answered he told me that I will be training a new missionary for the next two transfers and that we will be white-washing an area! For the rest of the day Saturday, all day Sunday, and Monday morning I was really exited and really nervous. Monday afternoon I left Elder Hewitt (which was really sad) and I met my son!  His name is Elder Palmer. Elder Palmer is from Tropic, Utah, and he is very excited to be serving a mission for the Lord!  As soon as I met him all of my nerves went away. I know that he is who the Lord wants me to be with. I know that he will be a great missionary. He is already doing great!
Elder Palmer and I are now serving in the Oranco Ward in Hillsboro!  I didn’t know this before we got here but the ward hasn’t had elders in almost 3 years! Luckily the sisters who are here are doing a great job of helping us meet the ward!
I’ll leave you with my testimony that I know that we are children of Heavenly Father. I know that he knows us and he knows exactly what we need to grow. I know that if we do what he asks of us we will be blessed in countless ways.
I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!
Elder Wilcock