The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Hi everybody! I hope that you had an awesome week!
So last Monday I said that the last week was stressful but this last
week was crazy!
So last Tuesday I opened up my iPad and it was at the white hello
screen and it told me to slide to set up my iPad. I thought it was
strange but I did it and when I was done I found out that my iPad had
been wiped clean. I called the mission office to see what happened and
they called Apple and told me that either I bumped my iPad just right
to reset it or someone was trying to hack into it and that made it
wiped everything. I was able to get all of my scriptures and stuff
back but all of my pictures from the last nine months are gone. Good
thing I have been keeping a journal!
Then on Thursday we went out to get our bikes and our lock was cut and
Elder Palmer’s brand new bike was gone. We called the cops and gave
them the info but the bike is probably gone. The guy that stole it was
nice enough to leave Elder Palmer his old crapy bike so we still have
bikes but Elder Palmer’s is really bad.
On Friday we did an exchange and I was with Elder Welch for the day.
We started talking to this homeless guy and after a few minutes he
just stops us and says, “I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I did some
speed earlier. I woke up and I didn’t know where I was and this guy
was like, ‘Do you want some speed?’ And I was like, ‘Alright.'” It
reminded me of the movie Hot Rod. It was kind of sad so whatever you
do DON’T DO DRUGS!! They mess with your mind!
So now that I said all the bad stuff let me tell you the good stuff!
We found a new investigator because our Elders Quorum president
invited his friend to learn more about the church. His friend had some
great questions and he wants to start coming to church. He seems
really interested!
Our investigator with a date for July is doing great! He wants to do a
fast this week to help him quit smoking! I’m really excited for him!
He is really pumped to get baptized and he loves elders! I will let
you know how he progresses as time goes on!
So this week was crazy but it a lot of good happened to. It would be
really easy for Elder Palmer and I to just look at the bad and get
depressed but we have made the choice to look at all the good we are
doing and it helps so much! I love my mission and I am so happy to be
serving the Lord.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Wilcock