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July 2016

July 25, 2016

If you want to be a master teacher, teach like the Master


Hi everybody!

I hope that you all had a great week!  My week was pretty awesome!  We were able to find two new investigators this week!  We found both of them while tracting. One of them has a family that might be interested in hearing more about the gospel. We will hopefully be teaching them in the next few weeks. I will keep you posted on how things are going with them.
On Thursday we had a great Zone Conference. In our mission we have a quote from President Ballard that says, “If you want to be a master teacher, teach like the Master.” Kinda cheesy right? In the meeting we talked all about that. We looked in the scriptures and studied what Jesus Christ did to teach His disciples. Some of the big things that we found were He prayed to do the will of His Father, He used the scriptures, He extended bold commitments, and He listened to those He
taught. The thing that I chose to work on most in the next week is using the scriptures while I teach. This is going to involve a lot of studying but I am looking forward to getting more familiar with the scriptures so I can teach like the Master.
Our investigator with a baptismal date is going to be gone helping her brother until September. We will hopefully keep teaching her over Skype. She is still really excited about the gospel and is looking forward to being baptized. We had a lesson with her this week that went really well. The member that we brought with us told her about the temple and now she wants to be baptized for her sister who passed away! We will have to push her baptismal date back to September but
she is still very excited to be baptized.
I know that I have talked about this a lot in past emails but we are truly blessed to be on the earth when there are so many temples available to us. Isn’t it amazing that we can perform sacred
ordinances for those who have passed away and have not had the opportunity to do it themselves? I would encourage each of you reading this to find an opportunity this week to attend a temple near you. Not only does the temple bless those that we are doing the work for but it
blesses us as we strive to draw closer to the Lord in His Holy House.  There’s no better place to feel the Saviors love for you than in the temple or on the temple grounds. Thomas S. Monson once said, “No sacrifice is too great to obtain the blessings available in Holy Temples.” I posted a link to a video recently on Facebook that talks all about this. The video is called Temples are a Beacon. If you cannot find it on Facebook I would encourage you to look it up on your own. It is one of my favorite Mormon Messages.
I know that this gospel is true. I know that the blessings of the temple are here on the earth today and that each of us can enjoy them if we will set aside a little time to go to the House of the Lord.
I love you all and I hope that you have a great week and a greatexperience at the temple near you.
Elder Wilcock


July 18, 2016

Our Purpose as Missionaries


Hi everybody! I hope that you all had a great week!  Last week was pretty good for Elder Palmer and me. We found three new investigators! It was awesome! We tracted into two of them and one of them just came up and asked us about the Book of Mormon! He seems like he really wants to learn more and we are very excited to teach all three of them!

Our investigator with a date is still on for August 6th! We are a little worried because she didn’t come to church on Sunday but she still seems excited about everything. We have a lesson with her this Thursday so we will be able to talk with her more about it.

One of the frustrating things that happened this week was we had to drop 4 of our investigators. None of them have answered their phones or their doors for weeks so we had to drop them and move on. It makes me sad how people take the gospel so lightly. They don’t know how much
it can help them. One of the things that Elder Palmer and I are trying to do is make sure that we state our purpose right from the beginning.  We aren’t just out here to share spiritual thoughts or do bible studies, we are here to help people strengthen/develop faith in Jesus Christ, repent of all of their sins, be baptized by someone holding the priesthood of God, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. That is our purpose as missionaries.  By doing this we have been finding out who actually wants to progress. I wish that more people around the world were willing to put God first in their lives.  I know that if we put God first we will be able to do everything else that needs to be done.  I love you and I hope that you have a fantastic week!

Elder Wilcock

July 11, 2016

Sacrifice for the Lord


Hi everybody! I hope you had a great week!  This last week was great for me! We had some awesome stuff happen!
Elder Palmer and I had a lesson with the investigator who called the church last week. She is great! She is really excited to read the Book of Mormon and she came to church on Sunday! She even wants to get baptized on August 6th! We are really excited to keep teaching her! We also found a new investigator through our bishop last week! Our bishop invited a friend from work to come to church and he came! After that we went to the bishop’s house and taught him about the restoration. He liked it and was willing to take a Book of Mormon. We will teach him again in the next few weeks.
Finding these two people has been as huge blessing for Elder Palmer and I. Our investigators have been dropping us like crazy and we haven’t been able to teach a lot the last few weeks. As a district we decided to fast to find new investigators. It has been a testimony builder for me to see how when we sacrifice for the Lord, He blesses us. We see many times in the scriptures when the prophet or the people of God have to sacrifice something to get something from the Lord. Every time that Alma is about to go out and teach he has to pray and fast before he goes. Why would it be any different for his missionaries now?
I know that the Lord requires us to sacrifice and that it can be hard in the moment but in the end the reward is always worth the sacrifice.
I love you all and I hope you have an awesome week!
Elder Wilcock

July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day!

4th of july 20160704_161026

Hi everybody! I hope you had an amazing week!  My week was great! We found a new investigator on Sunday in an awesome way! Our young men’s president told us that he got a random call on the church phone from someone who wanted to come to church and take
the missionary lessons! That never happens!! We called him and asked him why he wanted to meet with us. He said that God told him to go to this church. I’m not sure quite what that means but I’m sure I’ll find out soon!
On Thursday we got to go to the temple as a district! It was beautiful as always! I’m so blessed to have a temple in my mission and to be able to go once a quarter. I’m also blessed to be on the earth at a time when the gospel is on the earth. I’m so grateful for this gospel and the fact that I get to be a part of it.
Happy Independence Day to all of you! I’m so glad that this country has the religious freedoms that it does. I know that Heavenly Father had a hand in the freedom of this country. The United States had to have freedom of religion so the gospel could be restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. I’m also grateful for the men and women who have served to keep this country free. They have sacrificed so much and for that I’m grateful. I love God. I love this country. And I love missionary work. I love you all and I hope you have a great 4th of July! God bless America!!!
Elder WIlcock

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