Elder Micah Wilcock

Oregon, Portland Mission


September 2016

September 19, 2016



Hi everybody! I hope you had a great week!  Things have been a little crazy in Aloha so far. Every day has been an adventure! We found five new investigators though! Hopefully they will continue to learn and progress in the gospel! Most of them are former investigators that we just stopped by and a couple of them are referrals from other members and missionaries.  The area is pretty small so we’re hoping that we can keep finding people. The other thing about being in a small area is that we’re on bikes. For the first few days in the area we didn’t have our bikes so we had to ride the sisters bikes! We looked pretty cute on the pink and green bikes! Mine even had a basket!
We went to our wards adult meeting for ward conference and it was really good. We had a discussion about if having a testimony and being converted are the same thing. We decided that they aren’t the same.  Testimonies are knowing that things are true. Conversion is living the
principles of the gospel.  We talked about how Peter had a really strong testimony but he became converted after the death of Christ. In Luke 22:32 Jesus tells Peter, “32 But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren”. Peter had been present for many miraculous events so he had a testimony, but he still needed to be converted. We can see this because after Jesus died, Peter went back to fishing. After the Savior told Peter to feed His sheep he started to become converted. Conversion doesn’t come all at once. It is a lifelong process of doing the will of our Heavenly Father that brings true and everlasting conversion.
I know that each of us need to become converted if we want to make it back to live with our Father in Heaven. I know that we can do that as we will the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seek to do what the Savior would do.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Wilcock


September 12, 2016

In and Out of Milwaukie

-Elder Wilcock and Elder Casey in Aloha, Oregon

Hi everybody! I hope that you had a great week!  My week was good! We were able to find a new investigator! We have been trying to meet with a potential investigator for a while now.  Every time we set something up she cancels on us. We went over on Saturday to talk with her about what’s been going on. We found out that her husband doesn’t like us and doesn’t want us teaching him.  She, on the other hand, really wants to be taught. We were able to use the option of Facebook lessons to solve the problem! Facebook is such an awesome tool!
So here’s an interesting story. Over the last transfer I have felt like I needed to take really good notes and be very specific with things. I didn’t know why but I tried to be specific with everything that we did. Saturday we got transfer calls. I was sure that I would stay because I was only there for one transfer. It’s funny how the Lord knows what’s best. Elder Brown and I both got transferred and there will now be sisters in the Milwaukie Ward! I was pretty shocked!
I thought it was cool that I received the revelation to take specific notes about everything.  I am now the District Leader in the Aloha 1st Ward. It’s in the Beaverton West Zone but the town is called Aloha. So you know how the town of Hurricane isn’t actually pronounced like hurricane? Aloha is the same way. You say it without the h. So it’s pronounced aloa, not aloha. Weird right? That’s Oregon for ya!  My new companion is Elder Casey. He’s been out for about 15 months and is from Draper Utah! I’m gonna miss Elder Brown, the senior couple in our ward, Elder and Sister Vincent, and all of the awesome Ward members. I’m really sad because I only got to spend six weeks with them. I’m excited for this awesome chance that I have to learn and grow though!
I know that the Lord knows what is best for his work! I know that if we strive to do His will, even when we don’t fully understand why things are the way they are, that we will find great joy and be able to grow in faith, hope, and charity.  I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Wilcock

September 5, 2016

Righteous Use of Technology


Hi everybody! I hope you had a great week!  My week was awesome! We had a sweet lesson with an investigator at our High Priest Group Leader’s house! We watched the 20 minute restoration video and our investigator really liked it! He’s been struggling to read the Book of Mormon so the day before the lesson we told him that he can go online and listen to it. In one day he listened to 1/3 of the Book of Mormon! I love technology!
We also had a sweet lesson over Facebook with the investigator whose daughter had a dream about us! It was a little weird at first but it ended up being a great lesson. She is really excited to learn more about the gospel and has been prepared by the Lord. Going through the hard times is totally worth it when you find someone like this!  So this week I wanted to bare my testimony on using technology to do missionary work. Heavenly Father has given us so many tools to spread the gospel and Satan is working his hardest to get us to misuse them. It’s so easy to just waste time on Facebook and on the Internet.   However these things can also be used to do some much good! We can post scriptures or videos from the church! We can talk to people all around the work about how the gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed us and how it can bless them.  In order to use it properly we have to decide every time we get on the Internet how we are going to us it to do good. It’s not a one time choice. Like reading our scriptures or saying our prays we have to choose to righteously use technology everyday! I know that if we use
these tools that we’ve been given to do good we will all continue to hasten the Lord’s work.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Wilcock

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