Conference is Coming Up!
Hi everybody! I hope your week went well!  My week was great! Elder Casey and I have been working hard and having some great lessons! We will hopefully be setting some baptismal dates this week!
Here’s a cool story from last week! We had a referral come to us on Friday from some other missionaries. We knew that they lived in an apartment complex near us but we weren’t sure which one. So we just picked one and went with it. We knocked on the door and realized that we knocked on the wrong door. We started talking to the lady who answered the door and we found out that she had talked to missionaries at the store earlier that week! We asked if we could came back and talk to her more and she said yes! She took a Book of Mormon and we are going back this week! It was a sweet miracle!
I can’t believe that it’s already time for General Conference again! I’m so excited to be able to hear from prophets, seers, and revelators! We’re so blessed to have these amazing men and women who are called of God speak to us twice a year!  I know that a lot of people say this but as we prepare for conference we should have questions that we are looking to get answered. I’ve learned that when I have questions going into conference they are always answered. It may not even be because of what someone says. General Conference always invites the Spirit so our answers may come through prompting from the Holy Ghost.  Another thing that helps me get more out of Conference is writing things down. It helps me remember what the talks were about and I can go back and read my thoughts later on.   I promise that if you will remember to go in to Conference with questions and take notes as you listen, you will be able to take away many lessons from this General Conference.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Wilcock