Lets #LighttheWorld!


Hi everybody! I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Elder Casey and I had a good day! It rained like crazy though! We walked a few blocks to dinner and by the time we got there we were soaked! The family was really cool and the food was really good so it was worth it! They did end up deep frying the two turkeys and they tasted amazing! They also cooked really fast which was nice.
So like I predicted last week we didn’t have a ton of lessons which made the week long. Lots of walking around in the rain trying to talk to people. I’m glad I’m with Elder Casey right now because he has a great sense of humor and it helps keep things light.

One of the things that happened last week is we talked to a dude who was sloshed out of his mind! We offered him a pass along card and he took it but then got mad that we were handing out cards. He talked about how there are crazy people all over the place and they would love to mess with some missionaries. First of all, it was only 5:30. Second, anyone who would attack missionaries for no reason is on something and probably wouldn’t be in the best position to fight two twenty year old guys. Third, Aloha isn’t nearly as sketchy as other areas in this mission. We made all these points and more and when he realized that we were right he just swore a lot and walked off. Always fun taking to the inebriated.
On a happier note it’s almost Christmas!! I can’t wait! For those who haven’t heard the Church has put out the new Christmas video and campaign, #LighttheWorld. They will be counting down to Christmas by using different videos to advertise different kinds of service everyday until the holiday. It’s starts in December 1st and I would invite all of you to go to Mormon.org and see what you can do this December to share the Light of Christ with those around you!\
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Wilcock