Last Christmas in the Mission Field


Hi everybody! Merry Christmas!!! Sorry it’s a day late… oh well!  Last week was really great! Elder Rockwood and I found seven new investigators! That’s the most I’ve ever found in one week! Some are definitely more solid then others but we are really excited to start working with all of them!
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were awesome! On Christmas Eve Elder Rockwood and I got to spend the evening with the Hess family. I love them so much! It was really fun because we got to play games like Pie Face, read Christmas stories, and read stories about the Saviors birth
from the New Testament and the Book of Mormon. We also had an amazing dinner! On Christmas day we were able to sing in the ward choir. It was as good as you would expect a ward choir to be but it was still fun to be able to sing, which is something I don’t get to do very often. My presents were great! I owe a huge thank you to my family for the awesome stuff I got! Thank you Mom, Dad, McKenna, and Noah! I love each of you!
After church I was able to Skype my family from the Hess’ house. We had some technical difficulties at the start but it worked out. It was the best part of the day! I love my family so much and am so blessed to be able to see them over Skype.
After that Elder Rockwood and I went to the Temperini’s house and spent the evening with them. I love them as well! We had an awesome meal and were able to play some great games while getting to know their family better. We also got some cool new ties form Dee Temperini! It was so much fun!
I’m so grateful for the chance that I have to be a missionary in the Oregon Portland Mission. It’s never fun to be away from home on Christmas but I’m grateful for the two amazing families that let us come over and spend the special time of year with them. The person I am most grateful for though is the Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m so grateful for His birth, live, ministry, sacrifice, and resurrection from me. It’s great to be out here serving Him and trying to show my gratitude for what He has done for me. I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Wilcock