Elder Ballard and Baptisms!

Hi everybody! I hope that you all had an awesome week!  Elder Fisher and I were able to find three new people to start teaching! It was cool because we found all three of them by staying in
the area of a lesson that canceled. I guess we were supposed to go there to find these people! We are really pumped to teach them this week!
On Saturday I was able to back to my last area and see two of my investigators, Kenny and Lolana, get baptized! It was the highlight of my week! I taught Lolana for 6 months so it was so rewarding to see her make that covenant a couple days ago! Both Kenny and Lolana after the baptism seemed so happy and excited to get the gift of the Holy Ghost! I’m so excited for them and hope that I can stay in touch with them to see how this helps them throughout their lives!
Another awesome thing that happened was Elder Ballard came to the mission! This was my third time meeting him and it was awesome! He talked about being sure that we are working hard and staying positive.  He also talked about how when he doesn’t feel like doing something he pulls a picture out of his pocket of the Savior and remembers Gethsemane. I love that. I can’t wait to use the things he taught us for the rest of my mission!
I know that Elder Ballard is truly and apostle of the Lord. I know that if we listen to the council of the twelve we will be our happiest and find the most joy possible. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that he really did pay for our sins. If we remember that the things we go through won’t seem that hard.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Wilcock