Yay for not getting strep throat last week!!


Hi everybody! I hope that you all had an awesome week!  Last week was really slow but we had some good stuff happen! We had an awesome miracle with one of our investigators we found a few weeks ago! He was the one we found because we knocked on the last door.  Well, when we went back for our lesson a couple weeks ago he didn’t answer. That, along with the fact that we didn’t have his phone number, because he just asked us for our card when we talked to him,
made us think that we probably wouldn’t be seeing him again. A few days ago we got a text from David out of nowhere where he apologized for missing our lesson and said that he would love to meet with us next week!! It was awesome to know that he is still interested in learning more and is planning on meeting with us again!
Here’s something funny that happened on Sunday. Elder Fisher and I were sitting in third hour and the man behind us fell asleep. We were giggling but it got really bad when someone started saying the prayer! The guy started snoring so loud! I was doing a good job of holding it in until I made the fatal mistake of looking to see if Elder Fisher was laughing. He was literally biting his tongue!! At that point we both started making these weird choking laughing sounds. The best part was at the end of the prayer all of the amens woke the dude up and he said amen really loud and a few seconds after everyone! Elder Fisher and I had to step outside and laugh for about five minutes! Not my finest moment as a missionary…😬
So remember how I said the week was slow? Here’s why. On Tuesday Elder Fisher felt like garbage all day. We ended up going home early and he slept from 4:00 on Tuesday to 8:00 the next morning. We had our zone leaders take us to the doctor and it turns out that he has strep
throat… the poor guy slept all day when we got back from the doctor. I still haven’t gotten sick!! I was trying to figure out what I should do and guess what? I decided to clean the apartment!! Can you believe it mom and dad?! I didn’t have to be told or nothin’! While I was cleaning I started listening to Jesus the Christ on my iPad. I had no idea how good that book is! I don’t understand half of the words James E. Talmage uses but that’s why we have the dictionary app! It was awesome to hear in great detail about the baptism of the Savior. Brothers and sisters this gospel makes sense! The doctrine of the Godhead is shown clearly in the story of Jesus Christ’s baptism! I know that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost all love us
and what what’s best for us. If we listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost we will know Heavenly Father’s will for us. We can then pray for guidance in the name of Jesus Christ because He is our mediator. It’s amazing to me how the three members of the Godhead work
together perfectly to bring us happiness.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Wilcock

Note:  Micah and his district went on an activity to Mirror Lake on Mount Hood.  Here’s the pictures: