Elder Fisher’s Amazing Sniffer!

Hi everybody! I hope you had an awesome week!  So Elder Fisher and I had a sweet miracle happen on Sunday! It was Sunday night and we really wanted to find one more new investigator
before the week was over. We went to see someone in an apartment complex and we both didn’t feel like checking the address so Elder Fisher said he was going to sniff out which apartment it was… it was a pretty strange way of finding but it worked! We didn’t go to the
right apartment but we ended up finding someone because we went to the wrong door! All thanks to Elder Fisher’s schnoz! 👃🏿
So if you don’t know the new Easter video is out! It’s call Prince of Peace and it’s my favorite holiday video so far! If you haven’t had the chance to watch it do it today! It’s all about how we can find peace through Jesus Christ which is so important in today’s crazy world! It would also be awesome to pray and see who would be good to share the video with. Everyone needs more peace I their lives!

The highlight of the week was for sure General Conference! I loved it! It was kind of weird though because it was the last Conference I’ll see on my mission. I can’t believe how the time is flying by!  I was praying to know how I can become a better teacher and the message I kept hearing over and over again was love. That wasn’t what I was expecting at all! I felt like every talk had something to do with how much God loves His children or how we need to love each other more. Even President Monson talked about charity in the priesthood session! If the prophet is talking about it then I better listen and make sure that I love all of the people I come in contact with! I think that message is so important in today’s world! Their is so much hate and violence going on and it makes me so sad. If we could all just love each other a little more it would solve so many problems!  Wow, I’m starting to sound like an Oregonian!
Anyway, I know that this gospel is true. The men and women we heard from on Saturday and Sunday are our inspired leaders and if we listen to them we will find peace.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Wilcock