Transfers and a HOUSE!

Hi everybody! I hope your week was chill!  Last week was an awesome week! It was the first time we had investigators at church and we had three! It was a huge miracle for us! All three of the people who came loved it and want to come again!   It was awesome!
The weekend was really long though because Elder Fisher and I moved from our apartment into a house! We don’t even live with members! We have a house all to ourselves! It’s not very big but it has really nice furniture and two bathrooms! It’s beautiful! I’ll be sure to send some pictures soon!
So today is transfers and Elder Fisher is leaving. He’s going of to be a district leader in mount hood! My new companion is Elder Webster.  It’s crazy because we were both trained by the same Elder Smith! So I’m with my younger brother now! I’m going to miss Elder Fisher but it
will be cool to be with Elder Webster!
On Sunday we had a really awesome fireside for the Prince of Peace video. President Newsom, a member of the mission presidency spoke. I’m glad that I’ve gotten used to baring my testimony because before he spoke he got up and invited me to speak out of the blue! It was kind of nerve racking but a lot of people said they liked it so that’s good! President Newsom shared an amazing story of how he was able to find peace through Jesus Christ when he was going though the darkest time of his life. It was really inspiring. I’m glad that I was able to
hear his testimony.
I know that if we turn to the Savior we will find everlasting peace. That doesn’t mean that our lives will be easy, but we will be able to overcome every trial. Even the trials that seem impossible to move past.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Wilcock