Last Minute Talk…

Hi everybody! I hope you had a great week!  We Had a great week! We have someone with a baptismal date now! The Spanish elders found a lady who was taught 10 years ago and is now
ready to be baptized! Elder Webster has met her but I haven’t yet. I’m really excited to met her though!
I had a really exciting moment on Sunday morning. I got a text from a member of the bishopric asking if I knew that I was giving a talk in sacrament meeting. I said no and he pretty much said well sorry. Here’s your topic… I was freaking out all day! Luckily my topic was really easy. I just had to talk about my favorite talk from Conference. I guess I did a good job because a lot of people said that they were able to learn from the talk. I chose to speak on the talk, Called to the Work. It was given in the priesthood session so not a lot of the the sisters knew about it. It was given by Elder Bednar and I loved it! He spoke about how their is a difference between being called and being assigned to an area. We are assigned to an area but we are called to the work. It was cool that the spirit inspired to me to speak on that because on Sunday a missionary in our ward came home early for medical reasons. Hopefully that will help him know that he is called to the work, even though his area has changed.
I know that I have been called to the work. I’m so glad that I was assigned to labor in the Oregon Portland Mission. I love this mission and the people in it.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Wilcock