Lead, Kindly Light

Hi everybody! I hope that y’all had a great week! Last week was a good week! Elder Webster and I got to go on exchanges with the zone leaders! I got to go with Elder Hill who has been my zone leader for almost 7 months now! It was fun to get to know him better and I got to be in a YSA Ward which is always awesome! For part of the day we went to Portland Community College and tried to talk to people. It wasn’t very effective but it was fun! We got to see a guy in a dress!
Sunday we interesting. A couple of weeks ago Elder Webster volunteered us to sing together on fifth Sunday. We decided to sing Lead, Kindly Light. It was ok. We didn’t have a lot of time practice so it wasn’t as good as I wish it had been. All the ward members still said that we
did a good job. Let’s be honest though, when you sing in church, even if it was terrible, the old ladies will still tell you it was the most beautiful thing they’ve ever heard.
One good thing that came out of singing the song was that Sister Perkins played the piano for us. It turns out that she is Auntie Jen’s sister!!! (If you aren’t from PG that won’t make any sense… sorry). It’s such a small world in the church! They are both very musically gifted and she did an awesome job on the piano!
So I forgot to say that last week we had Zone Conference and we got the best commitment ever! We had a training on the Book of Mormon and were committed by President Ballard to read the Book of Mormon every day for an extra half hour a day! It has been such a blessing! We each took a new copy and we have to mark every time Jesus Christ or His doctrine is mentioned. It’s been a huge testimony builder for me! I’ve had a testimony of the Book of Mormon for a long time but this is fortifying that knowledge that I have. It’s amazing how often the Savior is talked about!! The Book of Mormon is all about our Savior! If you aren’t reading the Book of Mormon you should start reading it today! You will see so many blessings come into your life!
I love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Wilcock