A week of Service!!

Hi everybody! Hope things are swell!  Last week flew by! The weather was crazy last week! It was pouring rain one second and hot and sunny the next! I thought that we were done with the weird Portland weather but it looks like we ain’t out if the woods yet!

Elder Jaffa wanted me to have the “Portland experience” so he took me to this place by our apartment called Next Level Burger. I was excited until I found out that everything on the menu doesn’t have meat!! It was so disappointing! I got a “hot dog” which I believe was made out of carrots and sweet potatoes… It was awful. I’m gonna go ahead and say that the prophecy in 1 Timothy 4:1-3 has come to pass. You see it everywhere in Oregon!
We have been doing a ton of service last week! And the great this is

it’s all been for less active members and non members! For most of the weekend we helped a guy whose mom was moving out of our complex. It was a lot of work because she had a ton of stuff but it ended up being a really great missionary opportunity! He had a ton of questions for
us and now has a lot of respect for the church! He said that next time the missionaries knock on his door he will let them it!

A lot of the time as missionaries we don’t see the good that comes from our work. I feel like a lot of the work that I’ve done on my mission will help people in the future to see that the gospel is true and something that will bless them. I’m so grateful for missionary service!! I love serving the Lord and am excited to finish strong in the last couple of months!  I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Wilcock