Things are starting to pick up!!

Hi everybody! I hope you had the bestest of weeks!  Things are going great with Elder Jaffa! I think I mentioned last week that he’s really into Jeeps so he’s been teaching me the differences
between all of them. I can now tell you the difference between a YJ and a JK and everything in between! He’s also taught me that there are some kinds of Jeeps we don’t speak of such as the Patriot, the new Grand Cherokee and the Compass. We’ve started playing this game where when we are walking or biking around and we see a Jeep, we see who can call out what kind it is first. I’m starting to get pretty good but Elder Jaffa likes to show how much better he is by telling me what year it is, what kind of tires it has, what size of tires it has and so on. Show off 😒

Elder Jaffa and I saw some awesome miracles last week! From what I understand, the elders who were hear before me had not found a new investigator in seven or eight weeks so things were very dead for a while. Last week Elder Jaffa and I found three new investigators!! It
was so exciting for us! We found one by stopping by a former investigator in the area book
after dinner with bishop! We found the others because their daughter/sister is a member and told us that they were moving into the Lakeridge Ward and would like some help. We were told that they didn’t have too much stuff but when we got there they had a full Uhaul and neither of them could help. We ended up unloading the whole thing which included tons of boxes, an awkward couch and the heaviest mattress known to man to name a few items. It was totally worth it though because they want to go to the Temple Visitor Center in a couple weeks!
I won’t lie, unloading that whole truck with just the two of us sucked. It was on the other side of our area so there and back was an hour long bike ride. It would have been easy for us to say that we couldn’t help. We had several reasons to say no but we went and we were blessed because of it!

I know that if we serve others we will see the Lord pour out blessings upon us. I’ve seen this happen time and time again throughout my life. This week look for someone you can serve and then look for the blessings you receive. I promise they’ll come! I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Wilcock