Off to Lake Oswego!

Hi everybody! I hope your week was just splendid!  Last week flew by. I feel like the last week of the transfer always  does. I found out on Saturday that I’ll be going to the Lakeridge Ward in Lake Oswego! I’m really excited and scared at the same time! I’m excited because I’ve always wanted to serve in Lake Oswego! I hear that the members are awesome and all of the meals you get are amazing because everyone there is rich! I’m scared because it’s the worst bike area in the mission. The whole area is full of hills and weird roads. I’ve even heard that there’s a hill called Overlook which if you can bike up without stopping the bishop of the ward gives you a trophy! Lakeridge will probably be my last area so it looks like I’ll be coming home with a skinny waist and a great pair of thunder thighs 🚲💪🏼 .   My new companion is Elder Jaffa. He’s only been out for a few months and I’ve never met him so I’ll let you know more about him next week! I’m sad to leave Elder Webster and the awesome members of the Beaverton ward but it’s always exciting to go to a new place!

Anyway last week Elder Webster and I got to participate in a potluck dinner called Bite Night. Everyone from the Beaverton ward and the Spanish branch brought some kind of crazy food from their mission of where they have lived. It was a lot of fun! We were asked to participate so we make a mission classic: mac and cheese with hotdogs in it and any kind of hot sauce you can find in the fridge all wrapped in a tortilla. It actually turned out pretty good! We even had members come back and get seconds and thirds! We were both pretty proud of our ghetto dish!

Elder Webster and I had an awesome miracle happen last week! We have really been struggling to find people to teach the last few weeks. Two weeks ago we didn’t find a single new investigator. It’s been really frustrating because we’ve been working hard and trying to find people. Our zone leaders were starting to get concerned so they committed us to be more specific in our prayers. We started to be more specific and nothing really changed. We kept with it though and on Saturday we got three referrals for new investigators!! We were both so excited to see our prayers and work pay off!

I know that specific prays get specific answers. If any of you are struggling with something I invite you to pray specifically about what you need. I promise that God will bless you with specific answers and help you overcome these trials. I love you all so much! Have a great week!

Elder Wilcock